Saturday, July 09, 2005

Debit Card Ready

Went and collect my debit card this afternoon. The card has my signature embossed. It's quite similar to cc in term of size(width*length), but it is more thin. It doesn't has chip. Flipping through the book given together with the card, you'll earn 0.05% of the money charged through the card. Definately, the point system is more benefitial.

After getting the card, went and login my paypal account and complete my debit card verification process(as they require the last three digit stated behind your debit card). As expected, they deducted 1.95(or something) from my debit card. I still need to key in another pin that will be stated in my monthly statement. They'll refund the money(1.95) back to me after i key that pin in. Not sure where the money will be refunded, but hope it will be into my debit card. I've email paypal to enquire the method to withdraw my money and will post about the reply if it's something new.

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