Monday, June 27, 2005

Public Bank - Debit card application approved.

Just received my approval letter for the application of my debit card. It took approx 2+ weeks from the date i blog'ed about Crispads Advertising Network.
CrispAds Blog Advertising
I'm going to verify my paypal account now. Hope everything goes smoothly. Wanting to purchase a domain through paypal payment method. I was abit busy lately with my project. Last Saturday, went to mdc. It was a great experience for me to have a chance to attend few interviews with the participating companys in the first job hunt organized by MDC(not sure).
CrispAds Blog Advertising
Ermm.. not much to comment, however, just felt that the activities are not quite well planned. Even with the transportation provided FOC(maybe because it's FOC, that's the reason they provide us with unexperience bus driver who doesn't even sure how to go putrajaya?) Anyway, I would probably not be blogging so often, as i'm near to my finals and stuff.

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