Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New Blog Advertising Network: CrispAds

Okey, i've been very busy now and then. I'm currently in my final sem, doing my double module. Just wanted to share something with ya all, i just received payment from Crispads! Crispads paid me my revenue for the past two months(not much) and i'm proud to present you, Crispads, for anyone of you, advertiser or publisher. Just wanted to let you guys know, there's an alternative ways of earning beside adsense(with much bloggers signing up and similars "style" of advertisement, users would simply ignore it).
CrispAds Blog Advertising
Crispads provide the ability to claim the earnings through paypal. However, you need to have additional debit card or credit card to verify your paypal account, before you can utilise the earnings. I'm going to apply for a debit card soon, hopefully the authority won't take long to approve my application. Planning to purchase a domain, as soon as the earnings are fully mine(which i can use it). If you wonder which bank i'm heading for a debit card, it's public bank. Will update the procedure needed and requirement as well as the status of the money. My sincere thanks to Crispads.
CrispAds Blog Advertising
*Publisher account is open to non bloggers as well. I've done some research, placing crispads advertisement on your website, together with adsense advertisement, does not violate adsense TOS. (Just some extra information). I've been with crispads for quite some time, the advertisement is quite less, prolly it is still new. Some word for the advertiser: Crispads certainly would be an alternative to adwords, as most of the online users are already familar with adsense advertisement and users would mostly ignore adsense.

Way to go Crispads!

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