Friday, July 08, 2005

Alternative to Blogads and Adbrite

Most of you might have heard eighter Blogads or Adbrite. Blogads is a network that offers advertiser to select blog to advertise their product or services, and for bloggers to advertise their blog(to offer advertising space). However, blogads took off their online application form, but, interested and potential(if you meet the requirement) publisher can still email to them to apply for an account. Adbrite, on the other hand, offers any webmaster to advertise their website with their "required price" for advertiser to advertise their product or services. Interested advertiser can easily purchase your site eighter through Adbrite site or the publisher's site(look at the sidebar).

But how about Linkworth? It's a text link advertising network that allow the publisher to advertise their website's advertising space for a price(fix by publisher themselves). The advertiser are then able to select the available source(publisher's website) for advertising. I have been a member of linkworth for few months now, and the first advertiser that found my site through linkworth was Online Casino. Then follows by DirecTV. Both of them are still my site sponsor(You're welcome to visit their site).

One disadvantage from Linkworth is that, they only pay you after your balance exceed US25. The figure might be small but for me to earn that much is not an easy task. If there are no advertiser that has interest in your website then you would be stuck with the balance in Linkworth. I've requested Linkworth to reduce the minimum payout figure to smaller amount, and have yet to receive any reply. It would be great if my suggestion is approved.

Interested? Visit Linkworth!

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