Sunday, July 10, 2005

Changing My Firefox Theme

Was abit boring with my default theme. Went to Firefox theme site, and saw Qute. It placed at the top of the list, the most popular downloads over last week. Downloaded it and install it. Not much different except for some of the icons. Qute, as described on the page, Icons designed to be modern, dynamic and fresh, with attention paid to usability and comfort over extended use.
Some of the shot taken;

Then, I saw another theme, enchanced version of Qute. It has additional layout changes, namely Silver Skin. Some description of it, "Your favourite browser with a silver skin (With the Qute icons by Arvid Axelsson)". Below is the screenshot taken;

Feel free to change the theme of your firefox! *After the theme is installed, you are required to restart your browser to see the new theme.

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