Thursday, July 14, 2005

Popular Demand - Initial D SoundTrack By Jay Chou..

I'm still receiving quite a number of request on Initial D Soundtrack from Jay Chow. The Initial D OST theme album doesn't include the song sang by Jay, wondering why.. I have setup another blog, which is hosted by X-Tenshi(Thanks to Janet, owner of I would post my reviews, tips and tricks that i know, interesting stuff(including free downloads ;)) and my thoughts. I would update between this and another blog, located here. This updates is mainly to increase the other blog's rank and traffic(Search engine listing). There's Nicholas Tse - One Inch Closer - New Album posted on the other blog. Feel free to... drop by, heh. Till then, have fun.

Relevant - Get to see real Initial D Location shot posted here and you can get the source for Jay Chou's wallpaper here.

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