Thursday, July 14, 2005

Paypal restrict my access to my own account

Simple update. If you refer back to the comment posted by reader, toxicle, i'm currently having some problem with my paypal account. I have no idea what's happening. I emailed them and expect for a reply. Nonetheless, they have yet to reply me. I have money in my account, which they should have explain to me the reason behind they restrict me into limited access. I thought of using the money to purchase a domain but with such incident happen, I got no choice but to wait for the concern, to return back my access on my own paypal account, or else i can't send, BUT receive money(In other words, they are keeping my money, doesn't benefits me tho). There's an option for me to follow in order for them to return back my control over my own money(debited in paypal). They request, ermm seems like no other choice, me to fax them my utility bill. Well, it would be a little difficult for me to provide them the bill as currently i'm staying with my parent, so what's the point of having the bill when it doesn't state my name in there? Unless i fax them my debit card statement, which is not a good idea i guess. Anyhow, will wait for them to reply me and hope they will.

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*My appology on my bad command of English. Trying to improve...

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