Saturday, July 02, 2005

Initial D SoundTrack By Jay Chou..

After getting some comments in my previous post, Initial D - Jay Chow Soundtrack , I've decided to post the full version of Initial D soundtrack by Jay chou. I also got to know that Jay chou estimates his new album would be released somewhere in October. There might be an upcoming sequel for Initial D if the market responses well. Then i got to know from friends(not sure how true it is) that the next sequel would eliminates some of the actors(including Edison,Jordan) from the film, but jay chou is confirmed in.
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Anyway, feel free to get more information from Jaychoustudio, a great source of jaychou latest information. They included translation songs, pinyin and lyrics, for most of jaychou songs(including Initial D 頭文字D OST(two songs, Drifting aka piao yi, and All the way north), Incomparable 無與倫比, Common Jasmin Orange (七里香), and also hidden track EP (尋找周杰倫 EP). It's a great site for most jay's fan. *If you don't know, they provide great jay chou wallpaper. A great site not to be miss. Oh yes, they also provide piano scores for jay chou's song!

Songs are downloadable here. Again, please comment if you downloaded it. Thanks.

*i'm not sure if i'm allowed to put their links, however, kindly let me know if you want me to remove them.

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