Friday, April 15, 2005

BEWARE OF HYPNOTISM (pls. warn your family too)

I got this "story" from email. The source is unknown. Just hope to share it with you all. Better be safe than sorry..

I have, under 'influence', willingly signed and participate in a scam worth RM2000... via my credit card... right in my home!

A student-looking girl (about 19/20yrs) walked up to me to promote electrical items as I was leaving to fetch my son from school... I told her I'm sorry I had to go and that I don't need any items and that if I do, won't buy from her. I recognised that as similar to those that they drop in all your letterbox... scratch, scratch... you get free items with purchase. All unknown brands (probably OEM from China).

When I returned she returned too... and this time she said she was in dire need to use the toilet. Thought that since she's been walking around... and seeing her alone... I allowed her to use the toilet. Then, she asked if she could also have a glass of water, which naturally is not hard to oblige. Everything went on from there. I remembered being dizzy (sort of blur) all the time and my kids told me I was strange and hostile when they asked me for dinner.

Long story to it... (hypnotism, if this is what this is all about) and there were two others who were also in my home later with stuff and credit card machine... and they did everything, even using my phone! I realised what I had allowed to happen only after my shower about 9pm. A hot flush ran through me and I sat there dumbstruck. I was cursing myself and battling if I were stupid or what? It's a hard conclusion to arrive at. I had even willingly taken out my credit card for them! Unbelievable.

I'm at a risk of being called stupid... but if it has to be the case... so be it... I don't want it to happen to any of my friends and others who could be unsuspecting victims. I've warned as many who are willing to listen as I managed to and even passed the word around the football league where my son was involved in. A Malay lady in the team 'confirmed' water given to strangers to drink can be used for hypnosis. I dare not even offer the grass cutter water anymore! My motto today is... never be kind to strangers, whether they look pitiful or not. No conscience biting at me, cos I have to protect myself and my kids. I avoid eye contact with all salesperson...
even charity seeking people(unfortunately). I can't say that I can be too cautious to the point of being selfish.

Two weeks ago... while I was out for appointment, my daughter told me that two guys called at the gate in the afternoon... she peeped through the dining area sliding door... (luckily this is quite a distance away). They asked if she could give them some water!!!!! She said no and didnt go out to talk to them, luckily, remembering what has happend to us before. I have warned my kids and placed very strict instruction on this... never, ever answer the door and if any unknown person were to appear at our gate or dial our house number when I am out... just to tell them mom is sleeping... cannot be disturb and just hang up.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I wish to bring up an urgent security matter which I think is very important, dangerous and crucial for all to know and understand. This info comes directly from a friend of mine who is working with the Police Force and attached with Bukit Aman (Cawangan Risikan Jenayah) Police Force. Puan Noryati Embong, our Pharmacist also confirmed this news (husband working with the Police Force maa)...

Lately, there have been cases of hypnotism (In Bahasa Malaysia is called "Pukau"). This group is believed to be a syndicate with Indonesian nationality but their religion is not known. Their Modus Operandi is acting innocently, with veils and asking for directions, water to drink or even selling "some products".

BEWARE!!! DO NOT let them touch you BARE SKIN... even a handshake.

Identified victims of all races were known to be those who are:-

1. At the petrol kiosk whilst filling up petrol.
2. House wives or those living alone who thought that they were salespersons or asking for a cup of water to drink. 3. Those waiting for the bus at bus stops and being asked for directions of certain places. 4. Those at the ATM machine... for pretty obvious reason huh?

My personal advice is:

a. Never allow strangers into your house for whatever reason
b. Whatever you do... do not (for any circumstances) allow people whom you do not know touch you bare skin (even if, it's for a 'nanosecond'). It has been identified that these people can hypnotise you with a single touch.
c. Never... ever!!! Cash out your money from the ATM machine at a 'lonely' area. Make sure that there are at least 3 to 4 other people around. These people do not operate when there are witnesses around.

Well, this is an universal advice... if you are not being hypnotised by this group, you might could be mugged!!! I know this mail is a little lengthy... but please bear in mind that this is not spam nor junk... it's truly happening, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and latest report is that they are moving towards the East Coast. Thank you.

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