Sunday, March 20, 2005

Google Graphical Ads?

Earlier in the afternoon, as usual, I would view my blog to check for any posted comment, and to my surprise, I saw Google Ads showing graphical banner. It might not be a great thing out of it, but I seldom see Google Ads, in graphics, other than Adsense advertisement. Mostly, I only saw Contextual Ads, but this time, I get a chance to get a look on the graphical ads. I quickly took a picture of it and post it here. Well, the last time I saw graphical banner, was from someone, took a picture as well, posted on his website. I consider this as my luck tho, as i seldom get a chance to see graphical ads offered by Google Adsense.(My appology for making it so great) I attached it below, to share it with Adsense's publisher.
Image Hosted by

By the way, I used Imageshark for hosting the picture. My comment on Imageshark: No popup, fast transfer rate, easy to use(user friendly). One more thing, Imageshark does not limits bandwidth. Recommended

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