Saturday, March 19, 2005

Gmail's Atom

Well, I got few Gmail account(3) and it's all active. In order to know if there's any new incoming mail, I need to open up the browser, type in Gmail URL, and provide my username and password. And that is only for one account. I need to repeat the process for three time, if i need to check for incoming mail on three account. It would takes up few minutes, and after sometime, I started to get annoyed doing so.

Then i try to find for software that could provide me updates on latest incoming mail. I found one. It's the Gmail notifier. It's actually a great program where it would popup a small window if there is new mail arrived in the account. However, one thing that turn me off. My operating system(Windows ME) is not supported by the software(Gmail-Notifier). My bad luck, I guess.

I continue with my search, I went through every pages available in Gmail. I found "Atom". I got to know that word from FeedBurner. Can the same thing applies to GMail? I clicked on it, and, YES, I got it. That's the thing that i want. I went to feedburner, login to my account, and follows the procedure stated.

I insert in the URL field. Click on next all the way. Generate the code, and insert the code into a simple HTML file. The next time I want to know if there's any incoming mail on any of the account, I will just run the HTML file..

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