Friday, March 18, 2005

Listed on Google Adsense!

After I the approval of my Adsense account, I just got to know my site is now officially listed on the Google Search Engine. Hoping to get more traffics in upcoming days : ) The date of approval is on 13th of March, and the date of my site listed on the search engine is on 17th of March(tried to search on the search engine, day by day : P)

There are another way to add website address into Google Search Engine, which can be found in Google Add URL. If your website has been listed on the Search Engine, a so called "Spider/Crawler" would updates the latest pages, or keywords that available on your website, which will be appear when user entered search string on Google Search.

After posting "ping" on Petaling Street, the number of "visitors" that visits my blog has actually increased. Well, most of the traffic on my site is actually from Petaling Street ; ) It has been a great service offered by I noticed the PPS spammed column, and read on HafizIsmail article, it is really unappreciative, of the person, posting spam to the service that were made available for public. Why these people does not shows their appreciation on the service provided? Why cant they use their time for better activity?

I, agree with Lcf, that some anti-spam mechanism should be implemented, in order to curb such thing to happen in future. We should not allow spammer ruin such wonderful service.

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