Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Earn Money from your website?

There are more and more company that offers webmaster to earn money from their website. The concept is simple, to allocate a space for the advertisement to be advertised on your website. If any of the visitors that visits your website, clicked on the ads, the publisher get some earning in return. These is actually a site income in which it benefits the hardwork of webmaster in mantaining their website.

Personally, i'm not really getting into these. I was at first, doesn't really believe in such offers. But, after reading most of the webmaster (publisher) that signup with these company, really get paid, I started to change the impression that I had. I even signuped for a Google Adsense account (publisher account) : ) So far, I only read the success people getting money from Google, which minimum earning should reach US100, before the money can be mailed to you. I has yet to reach the minimum figure yet and I hope to experience the joy and share my happy experience too.

Futhermore, it's no harm signing up. It doesn't really used up much "hosting" space in fact. It's really a good move to earn additional income. As I'm still a student, earning money while studying is a bit preassure for me. Hope this way could add more additional pocket money to spend.

For Webmaster that feels this is not true, feel free to visit this link, http://itoshiku.blogspot.com/2005/03/i-got-paid-by-google.html , this fellow blogger got his check from Google : ). There are still others company that provide these type of "product" or "service", such as findwhat.com, adhearus.com, and coming soon, publisher.yahoo.com.

If you wish to share your happy experience, feel free to drop some comment. My greatest appreciation...

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