Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mafia wars and Texas Holdem Poker hacks or cracks

I always wonder, does all game have their crack? Unlike those days, those games that I played have cracks circulated around the net. To name a few, the Grand theft auto and starcraft or age of empire. Those are I believe more of like the infamous "easter eggs" where the hacks itself is coded in the game for the gamer to find out. I believe it makes the game more interesting. How bout those games in facebook? There are plenty of flash games integrated in facebook. The famous Zynga have already produced few games and some of them are mafia wars, texas holdem poker, farmville and many more. Are there any cracks or hacks underneath?

I would think there wont be any intention cracks due to the fact that there is "monetary" object involve in the progression of the game. But, whether there is exploitable bugs in the game is still questionable....

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