Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Receiving Gmails or 3rd Party email on your hotmail account

Most of us, who surfs internet, have few different emails account. I am, proudly, one of them. I have few emails account to separate its' usage on different purposes. One of account is being used to communicate with friends, while others for different matters.

Thumbs up to Microsoft Live Mail's team. Another great move. Hotmail now allows other emails account to be setup for retrieving and sending mails. This can be solely done on one of your hotmail account. Once you have configured the correct credential, you will be able to choose to download the emails to a new folder or existing inbox folder.

One of the account that I owned, but seldomly used, is this gmail account. I configured the account to forward any incoming emails to my hotmail accounts where I frequently logon (through my msn, where I can see new coming mails through the popup messenger's notice window). I have been rather satisfy with this approach thus far and no complaints with it. But with this new feature incorporated in Hotmail, it's awesome. I can even send email using that email's account. I dont need to logout Hotmail and login Gmail to reply any correspondent shall there be any.

I guess, I am more in love with Hotmail (or Live's mail).

P/S: One the side note, I still think Yahoo! mail sucks. They need us to subscribe to their paid service in order to get the mails to;
1. use POP/SMTP service
2. use forwarding mail feature

Seriously, with so much intense competition from others competitor, why don't they loosen those feature?

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