Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your friendly files' search engine

Have you ever wanted to search for an ebook online? Is Google your first source in mind? If not, do share it here.

Well, just in case you're interested, I found one search engine site, namely "Rapidshare Search Engine" where you can search for files you need which appears to be having quite a huge collection in varity of files. From movies to music, ebook to magazine, application to cracks, and almost everything is available through the search engines.

However, all the links result are leading to one source and is all pointing to the infamous, Rapidshare file sharing site. This is very convenient compares to the conventional way of searching through google with "rapidshare" search key string.

Hopefully, soon, there will be one-stop portal where it would be the place for files sourcing hosted of different location, mantained its' integrity in which would definately be a hit!

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