Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MSSQL SEMMAP90.DLL not found

If you try to add "Send Mail Task" object into Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager's DTS Designer and you are prompted with the above error, you may want to try the below steps;

1. In [C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\binn\] - Duplicate a copy of SEMMAP.DLL and rename the duplicated file to SEMMAP90.DLL
2. In [C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\binn\Resources\1033] - Duplicate SEMMAP.RLL and rename the duplicated file to SEMMAP90.RLL, copy the copy of SEMMAP90.DLL (refer STEP 1) into this directory.

Once those steps are done, try readding the object and it should resolve the problem.

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