Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cuil - The Largest Search Engine

Have you heard of Cuil? No? Well, you should. Go ahead and visit Cuil, they have almost similar to Google friendly interface, and I love how the result were presented. It was great to know another search engine has emerged in the virtual world. Google, Microsoft's Live and Yahoo! has been dominating the Internet Dictionary and I guess Google is the No.1 ranked with most popularity in term of reliability and usability.

Oftenly, when knowing there's a new product exist, my usual instinct would tells me to look for the creator or founder. As there are too many new things can be found through the world of Internet, wether one would stay alive and intact for the rest of the era is pretty difficult.

Cuil apparently was founded by Tom Costello, from IBM previously. Follows by Anna Patterson from Google, Russell Power from Google as well, Louis Monier which is also from the same place, Google, Vince Sollitto from Ebay, Pete Szymanski from Optimaret and last but not least, Bruce Baumgart from IBM as well.

Looking at the strong management teams, I strongly believe this will be another great product to compete with Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft Live. Would really hope to see Cuil to be able to climb its' ladder to and catch up with any of those three.

Thumbs up Cuil!

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