Monday, December 03, 2007

Doublesix joins Zoë Mode, Chemistry, and other Kuju studios

UK developer Kuju has established a new studio in Guildford called Doublesix that will focus on digital download games.

Studio head James Brooksby explains the name by saying, "Rolling a double six is all about having another go, and that embodies what we're about: addictive, fun games that you always want to go back to."

Earlier this year, two other Kuju studios underwent rebranding, with the Brighton base becoming Zoë Mode--named after a "fun, accessible" girl gamer who likes to party--and Sheffield becoming Chemistry, because "chemistry is about combining known elements to cause a reaction and make something that didn't exist before."

Brooksby says that he believes that digital distribution models will prevail in the future. Doublesix will work on games for all downloadable formats, including Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Wii Ware, and PC.

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