Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hack Windows Vista: Tweak activation

If you have not know yet, there have been quite a numerous post on the topic above. I have even seen it myself watching the Windows Vista Activation getting removed. It's quite amazing as there is such a quick hack released to the public when most of the coorporate have yet to upgrade their Windows to the latest version. Although it's nothing to surprise for as there are millions or trillions out there hunting for Microsoft(tm) product every second but not even the software have been globally implemented and it got hacked, I'm amazed.

The procedures are quite lenghty and it's not for weak heart users. There's some registry amendment required, additional third-party software, and of cause, the Windows Vista RTM. The document itself is advisable to be printed out before starting the journey to be used for reference.

If you're not convinced with the fact that the hack works, you may watch it at MetaCafe. Shout or yell, now you have the chance to feel how the hackers feel in getting Windows Vista Activation removed.

*You are not advised to hack it. Support the software, Buy the original!

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