Sunday, July 29, 2007

TrackStudio - hierarchical issue tracking and bug tracking system

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Have you ever thought of managing your task? Have you ever having difficulties in the communication between your team members to discuss about the progress of the project development? Do you ever hope for a centralise shared portal that allows certain users to be able to access to certain file? If you have answered yes to any of the questions, you may be want to know more about the system.

TrackStudio is a hierarchical issue tracking and bug tracking system. Our customers enjoy five unique benefits that allow them to maximize their developers' productivity, reduce the cost of management, and introduce standardized bug tracking and issue management into their enterprise.
There are quite a number of features that is available in the system and below listed are few of the features available(visit here for full list):
1. Project creation
2. Task management
3. Email notification
4. User management
5. Email submission(manage the project via emails)
6. Workflow management
7. Security controls
8. Reporting

There are screenshots available here. If you want to have a feel on the system, do request for free 90 days trial or use their live demo. They provide variety of supports method:
1. Technical support via forum
2. Technical support via E-mail
3. Technical support via Yahoo! Messenger

For their full product pricing, feel free to visit their site at TrackStudio Enterprise and click on pricing link to get full details on the product price.

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