Sunday, July 29, 2007

AJAX has its' bad

I happened to stumbled on an article regarding AJAX, AJAX presents corporate problems, opportunities. It's an old article but somehow I think its worth to mention it here again.

As everyone know that AJAX technology keeps the content updated which is good as the reader would get the latest changes for whatsoever amendment occured. However, this would impose a network problem when the content that it polls are large which would occupies the network bandwidth and causes the network jammed. This may not occur is the application developed is meant to be integrated on LAN but it would be a treat if it will be later expanded into WAN.

As a developer myself, I fully agreed to ensure the application is expandable where it can be used later when there is a need to be implemented into WAN althought the current requirement for the application is to run on LAN. The application should be developed in consideration of the WAN efficiency when there is a need to integrate it in future.

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