Sunday, July 29, 2007

Power The Web

I received a ReviewME request on the site, Power the web. I visited the site and apparently the site looks like under construction. Below are my reviews;

The formal designs of the site looks neat. However, on the first page itself, there is a lack of content. I believe there is a section for content which is in the center but the content currently is not updated. It's only showing repetitive "Sample text" in the content box in which I am not sure if it is intended to be there(i hope not). The title shows "Welcome to Power the Web".

There is few links on the right side and a contact box at the right top. At a first glance, I wasn't sure what the image links means untill i clicked on those and only got to know the description of those images after clicking on the link. There will be a permanent link to the source url address and snapshot of the website with the description of the links. There were no description of wether those website is related to Power the web or not.

I randomly picked few links and visited the page of it. One of the page shows the "Find A Zip" link with the snapshot of the website and description of the website. The description of that website is providing services to search location with poss code. Another page linked in the image link, the "Celebritorium", where it provides you an enormous collection of Celebrity Birthdays. You can do a search for your favorite celebrity birthday by name or by month.

By a look at the site, it seems like providing advertorial space. However, the real objective of the website was not define clearly and my suggestion toward the author of the site is to provide more content and introduction on the whole site.

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