Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ByteSwap - Swap your stuff with anyone!

Have you wanted to share any of your files with your friends but couldn't cause you don't have thumbdrive with you? Have you ever complaint or wished for a bigger storage space so you have store more files? Or have you ever regret that you never purchase a portable storage?

Well, all that won't happen anymore with Byteswap-01. You can now share any files that you want to whomever you want onto this server. In Byteswap-01, the people who can access to your files are divided into two group, the share groups and the watch list. The share groups is the people who you intend to share with them and the watch list are the candidates who you think you would like to share with that you don't know and is a member of Byteswap.

If you're wondering the connections or the bandwidth, you may want to evaluate their price here. Everything comes with a price and I believe, chargeable goods/services will come in a quality. If you don't want to pay then there is a package, Basic package, where you don't have to pay any single cent and 100mbs upload limit of 4 items a month! Isn't that great?

On top of that, there is a promotion right now! If you signup on or before 1st of August 2007, you will get lifetime premium membership for FREE! What are you waiting for? Register at Byteswap-01 NOW!

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