Monday, November 13, 2006

Linkworth introduces Linkwords

If you have not heard about Linkwords, then you might have probably not know what it is all about. Linkwords, the new product from Linkworth, is a PPC model that uses the traditional contextual products with placing text ads within page dynamically. If you ever happened to know intelliText or clicksor(contextual ads) then Linkwords is somehow quite similar to any of those. It's basically insert a link on the words in a site content once the site is loaded.

The objective of any type of advertisement is to grab the users attention.  Graphical advertisements have become very similar to radio advertisements in that people have trained their eyes and ears to tune them out.  When it comes to the internet, text advertisements have proven to have much higher conversions.  These ads that convert the highest are located within the body of information a user is reading. 

I just join the program few days back and has yet to check how is it going. Nevertheless, I strongly feels that this way would work better than the banners or text link as it grabs the user attention. However, if the ads shown are not related to the articles then it might affect the sense of trust toward the site. Hope there are some algorithm implemented to ensure the accuracy of the ads shown.

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