Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gmail on Cellphone...

Google has released a free Java application that will enable users of its Gmail web-based email service to receive and send messages from mobile devices.

The application is currently compatible with "all J2ME-enabled phones in the US and works with a variety of carrier service plans," Google says, but has given no information on its use elsewhere. Google promises that it delivers "the look and feel of Gmail through a fast, feature-rich interface that's optimised for handheld devices."

Gmail users can already access their accounts through the browser on their mobile devices and the application embodies this functionality - search, conversation view, and automatic synchronisation with the desktop version - with additional features.

Google claims access is up to five times faster thanks to automatic pre-fetching of messages; that the clicking and scrolling needed to access email are drastically reduced; that fewer keystrokes are needed to read, compose, or search mail and that attachments, including files and photos, are viewable and are automatically resized to fit the user's phone

Users can go to from their mobile browser to download the app. If they do not already have a Gmail account, they can sign up for an account via SMS by going to and clicking on 'sign up for Gmail'.

In a separate release, Google and Sprint announced that, for users of Sprint; US cellular network, Gmail for mobile devices can also be easily downloaded directly from the Sprint PCS Vision or Sprint Power Vision home page.

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