Thursday, November 02, 2006

Billingual portal site,

The dutch company Chinglish claims to have developed the first realtime translation tool for chinese and english. On the portalsite, which is completely billingual, visitors can use the webmailtool which has the "Chinese Input Method Editor: implemented. Tourist and students from China often confront the problem that there isn't any support in internetcafe's and universities to input chinese characters. The translation tool will also automaticly translate email, which are typed in chinese, to english and vice versa.

CEO Marius van Bergen explains that the reason the company developed this translation tool and the billingual webportal is to bring the 2 worlds closer to eachother . Approx. 300hundredmillion Chinese People is learning english at this moment and 30million non-chinese people are trying to learn the chinese language. These numbers will grow and Chinglish thinks that in the future, companies and organisations will only need 2 languages to communicate with eachother: Chinese and English. "With our portal, billions of translation cost will be saved" as ambitious as it sounds.

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