Friday, August 04, 2006

Wi-Fi client beware!

WiFi Attacks!

To launch an attack exploiting the Wi-Fi driver flaws, a hacker would need to be within the range of a Wi-Fi signal -- normally about 100 feet. That distance, however, is subject to change as wireless technologies significantly extend the reach of a WiFi signal. That could increase the threat from hackers.

Maynor and Ellch refused to provide specific details or conduct a live demonstration of their research for fear it would fall into criminal hands. But, Maynor did say they were able to remotely identify the wireless driver running on a specific computer and drop a "root kit," i.e., hacker software, into the MacBook, which allowed them to create, read, and delete files on the computer.

The test was conducted using third-party wireless hardware rather than the original wireless equipment Apple ships with the laptop. The duo refused to identify the make or model of the wireless device so as not to give potential hackers a heads-up. But, Maynor said, the flaws are so common that he would have little trouble finding a vulnerable computer at any Internet cafe.

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