Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Unable to start debugging. Verify that you are a member of the 'Debugger Users' group on the sever

One of the server was having this tricky problem. By the look of it, you might be thinking it's the debugging access permission. I bet you will proceed to add debug rights for administrator. Yup, I've done the same. However after I have granted the debugging right for the respective user, ASPNET and administrator, the problem still persist. Now, guess what was the first thing came into my mind. I doubt you'll guess it right. Google. Yes, Google the almighty search engine. I went and search for the problem and only to find out that, by adding http://localhost to your "trusted sites" list in "Tools->Internet Options->Security tabs"(The menu in Internet Explorer). After adding it, surprised! The problem solved. I'm still wondering what's the possible issue that requires the site to be added in trusted sites. I mean, there's no issue in my house laptop, pc and even in my previous development pc. But why this problem arise in this computer of mine i'm currently working on. It's weird. But anyway, if anyone of you have been searching for the solution for the error, hope this may help. Else, I found one documentation documented a lot of solutions toward every possible debugging issue at here. Favourite it, you may need it in future. You know, Microsoft products is just... ;|

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