Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Google in MySpace!

Hrmm.. obviously Google trying it's best to dominate the world's search engine market...

The exclusive deal calls for Google to provide general Web search, site search, and vertical-type searches for and the majority of sites run by Fox Interactive Media, the News Corp. online division that entered into the deal with Google.

Google will begin integrating its search and advertising services into and the other Web sites in this year's fourth quarter. The deal gives Google a major new outlet for the ads it sells via its AdSense program, and it should help increase its advertising revenue, which is generally considered to be significantly below its potential.

As part of the deal, Google must make revenue-sharing payments totaling at least $900 million to Fox Interactive Media between the beginning of 2007's first quarter and the end of 2010's second quarter, the companies said Monday in a joint statement. In turn, Fox Interactive Media must achieve various traffic and other goals.
Adsense publisher should be happy about this. Rest assured, more advertiser will hunt for Google space.

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