Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Friendster, Multiply and Hi5 theme

I came across the overlay Generator or more commonly known as oG, a so-called technique using the Javascript language to embed the html page with better-good looking interface. The idea behind it was brilliant. I was fasinated with so much existing friendster page. Well, its all thanks to MarkyCTrigger from Philliphines.

First of, my apology to Marky for the wrong information posted on one of my archieve post. If you are not sure what i'm talking about, head over to one of the friendster forum. The story was a little complicated but it seems like the person who created the "worm" was one guy after knowing the possiblity of "Overlay" through oG. All in all, it was created with no malicious intention but there might be other complication that may persist if no aweness from the user on the actions taken.

So, back to the topic. The oG currently have few versions on its own. There are several version that cater to different functions and different website(Hi5 or friendster or Multiply). With the existent of oG, you can now use external javascript to enhance your existing website and beautify to what you would prefer to. If you're not good in designing, or lazy to do the scripting(basic HTML knowledge is required), not to worry, they provide it as well in their website. It's all good for the sake of beauty and pleasant to your eyes. What are you waiting for? Go try it out! You sure amaze your friends~!

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