Thursday, July 20, 2006

mestiza model naked picture messages spreading on friendster

If you happen to read this,

Fresh pix from the said incident last saturday at embassy bar is finally out. This famous mestiza commercial model and product endorser was doing it all for the camera, last sat night at embassy bar. Based on the sources this mestiza chic was apparently drunk and wasted at that incident, making her careless.. and bra-less if I may say… For sure you know this famous mestiza model. Almost 20 pix of the said incident are posted on this friendster link, check it out before they pull those naughty & mestizalicious pix out. check it out at
And thought there might be some nice photos ahead, then sorry to dissapoint you. It was some malicious attempt of flooding the Friendster Bulletin after knowing its' vulnerability. Apparently it was made by a guy name Markyctrigger. Anyhow, the account has been suspended now and bravo to Friendster for fast recovery. However, those messages has yet been cleared from the bulletin as of now i'm writing this post.

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