Thursday, June 29, 2006

Windows Live Messenger Released~!

Received a an email from MSN regarding their new Windows Live Messenger. It's available for download and there are few features that were featured..

– Free PC to PC calling
– Make affordable international calls with Windows Live Call*

Video Calling
– Connect face-to-face with your friends**

Sharing Folders
– Drag and drop to share personal photos, files & more

Cool new phones & web cams for Windows Live Messenger
– Call your Messenger contacts from the couch

Windows Live Contacts
– Your friends' contact info is always current

Upcoming feature..

Soon you'll be able to use Windows Live Messenger to talk to your friends who use Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. The world's largest IM network is getting even bigger.

Well I thought the old messenger already support "Voice" feature. I'm not sure but the sharing folders is surely great to me. But security concern over the "sharing folders" should be paid much more attention.

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