Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Imageshack now with Slideshow and PhotoBlogging

I'm getting more and more in love with Imageshack. Previously i was complaining their slow connection but now it seems okay(acceptable). I have been uploading my pictures onto Imageshack free image hosting and all I can say is, it Rocks.

Why? I have the permission to set wether or not my picture is viewable by public. This would allows me to upload my real life photo for my future reference. Then, next, My Slideshows. I have been searching for quite some time. I know those flickr and slide.com has it but those doesn't really suit what i need(as in conveniency). I lazy to wait for the page to load and it will add more waiting-time if there's alot of pages that i need to proceed to just to upload a pics. With imageshack, i load my personal imageshack URL, then start visiting imageshack.us and upload my pics. All of those uploaded pics will be kept inside my panel. How great is that? Fantastic.

I haven't start using the slideshow yet, but will try it out as soon as i have free time. I'm actually looking for a slideshow creator(must be free of coz) to create slides on my pics. Coincidently, Imageshack provide one. Great! One thing i'll set my eye on is the capability to set the slide to private(which means not accessible by public.).

Then, i saw the feature of "My PhotoBlogs". Woot. Is it a gallery or something? If it is, then OMG, there's no reason why you don't own a imageshack account. It's a great image hosting. I would not request for more but one, the size of hosting which currently limited to <1024kbs which makes up approx 1mbs is kind of too small. Those pics taken using my camera already eat up 3 mbs(min). :( Hope they'll increase the image size.

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