Monday, December 19, 2005

Official Google Video Blog

Did you know there's a Google Video Blog hosted on Blogspot too? If you don't feel free to visit them. They have update the blog on interesting video uploaded by thier contributors. There are many nice videos, such as Kid Friendly: Part 3 - Big Movie Zone: Beauty and the Beast (70mm Edition) [Clip]. There are even videos on animals - How Zoos Work. The latest one, Kid Inventors which is about Being uninhibited, inquisitive, adventurous and curious, kids are natural inventors. The creativity and inventiveness of children may have found a positive resource for harnessing it's potential … and getting the recognition it deserves. Through the efforts of entrepreneurial adults and farsighted industries and educators, Kid inventors can now enjoy commercial opportunities beyond their successes in science fairs and other competitions. .

This will definately kill your free time(if any).

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