Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Google Zeitgeist? What is Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist is originally a German expression that means "the spirit (Geist) of the time (Zeit)". It denotes the intellectual and cultural climate of an era. Volksgeist has similar meaning. Zeitgeist is still used in German, while Volksgeist is not.

So Google released three category of list ranked in position, covers most popular searches in Froogle, top ten gainers in search engine and Top searches in 2005. Starting off with top gainers, apparently Myspace is the champion among others to be "listed" on Google. Then follows with Ares and Baidu(A Chinese search engine portal which is well known for song hunting ;) )

As for top news searches, Janet Jackson positioned no.1. I guess it's due to the wardrobe malfunction of the Super Bowl event. Then follows with Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami(worst nightmare).

And in Froogle, Ipod(It's in my wishlist) is the most popular searches, digital camera, and follows with Mp3 Player. Hrmm... Guess Mp3 is a trend this year?

For a full list, proceed to Google Zeitgeist

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