Friday, December 30, 2005

Nabload.U, new MSN Messenger Trojan

MSN users beware!

Nabload.U, downloads another Trojan, called Banker.bsx, which seeks the passwords of certain Spanish banks.

This will not be a threat to those who lack a Spanish bank account, but the Trojan does have some natty new features which, if adapted, could create a few headaches for other online banks.

The first thing is that the Trojan does not need a traditional key logger and the user will be unaware that there passwords are being recorded. Online banks had got around the problem of key loggers by using virtual keyboards to create some protection.

According to security outfit PandaLabs the Trojan is a hybrid that mixes different techniques and is designed to get the information without leaving any tracks.
Cited from: Theinquirer

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