Saturday, November 12, 2005

Blogspot's Backlink: Trace the link to your post

I saw this little feature few days back on Official Google Blog. I thought it might be useful, thus sharing it with you all. It's another new feature(not sure when it is released) from Blogger. I already enabled it. Link any of my post, and i'll link back to you automatically! Try it to believe it~!

What are backlinks and how do I use them?
Backlinks enable you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts. For instance, suppose Alice writes a blog entry that Bob finds interesting. Bob then goes to his own blog and writes a post of his own about it, linking back to Alice's original post. Now Alice's post will automatically show that Bob has linked to it, and it will provide a short snippet of his text and a link to his post. What it all works out to is a way of expanding the comment feature such that related discussions on other sites can be included along with the regular comments on a post.

The backlinks setting can be found under the Settings | Comments tab, and consists of a single, simple option to turn it on or off:
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