Saturday, November 12, 2005

4shared - free online music hosting

Another free file sharing hoster. How to curb piracy? 4shared obviously exist on the internet not long ago. It's kinda new. The bandwidth was high(yea, i downloaded something). In other words, connection was fast. This is the benefits offered to registered members;

• 100 MB space
• Unlimited bandwidth
• No limit to the number of files
• Multiple upload
• No download limit
• No hardware required
• Anyone can download

It's seems ok to me. Great alternative to yousendit(uploaded file will expire after certain download or days), megaupload(getting real slow nowadays), and rapidshare(slower than 4shared!). But no matter how good it is, there's still disadvantage of it. This is what i feel;

• No multiple download supported(max download: 3 files at a time)
• No privacy(Email of the publisher is published)

It's only what i felt. If you have any, leave a comment to tell me what you think..

Register yourself at 4shared here.

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