Thursday, November 17, 2005

12 Steps To Get 250 Mb Hotmail Inbox

I know most of you have heard about it. No? Oh, i know, GMail rocks. But happened to visit this site, and thought of posting it. It works for me :)

1) Login ur hotmail account and go to options.

2) Go to "Personal"

3) Click "My Profile"

4) Change Country to "United States" Wait for browser to load United states settings.

5) Change the state to "Florida" and zip code "33332"

6) Click "update"

7) Click "Continue"

8) Go to "Language" and make sure its "English"

9) To preserve your emails in your inbox, create a temporary folder and put all your emails from your inbox into that. I suppose I don’t have to give details on how to create a folder and transferring the mails into that…we all know that don’t we

10)Paste this link in the same browser.

11) Wait until the Screen says you're Hotmail is Closed and ready to be deleted. Click "Close Account".
Go back to login page and relogin to ur hotmail account..!!

12 ) Your account size will now increase to 25 MB which a mnth later becomes 250 mb.

Initially it will be upgraded to 25 MB and after 30 days it will be upgraded to 250 MB.

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