Monday, October 03, 2005

Sign up for the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta program

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I received an email from Yahoo! publisher network. It's my application being accepted. I applied for it once, which i overlook the requirement. Obviously, they are not accepting publisher outside US. Only US residents with valid Social Security or Tax ID is allowed to register. So it's useless, in other word. Anyhow, i look forward to participate in Yahoo! publisher network. I even love Yahoo! Search Engine compares to Google. Even email. I took an image of it.

Link to image

An excerpt of the content in the email;

Dear Lim,

Thank you for applying to participate in the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta program. We're excited to let you know that your application has been accepted and you can now proceed with creating your account using the link below:

By participating in the beta program, you'll be among the first to test a new platform that enables you to publish text-based ads on your Web site and take advantage of new Yahoo! Publisher Network tools and services as they become available.
What a waste.... =/ Hope Yahoo! Publisher Network will accept publisher outside US soon...

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