Monday, October 03, 2005

File hosting, image hosting, mp3 hosting and video hosting

All in all, proudly present Momoshare - The leading file hosting service. I got to know it from an anonymous reader(Thanks for the info and keep 'em coming). Momoshare allows a maximum file size of 50Mbs. The file that has been uploaded, will be stay for 30days since the last download. Copyrighted files is strictly prohibited, as usual. Momoshare even has a blog, which you can keep track on their development. It seems to be quite new. If i'm not mistaken, it's started somewhere on September.

There's another service, Momopic from the same provider, Momoshare. It's obvious enough to know their advantage.

Looking for free online photo album? You are at the right place. Momopic runs as the premium digital photo album service provider on net. Sign up and create a personal photo album with 100MB storage and 1,000MB monthly bandwidth! That is close to 3000 quality photo! It is absolutely free to sign up. Sign up now!
Excerpt from Momopic

It's somehow looks new to me, why not try it out....

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