Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Animated help tutorial and Screen Capture..

Introducing SnagIT application. Base on it's slogan "Capture, Edit, Share", it's understandable what the function may offers. A quote from it's website,
"Use SnagIt screen capture to:
* Capture an error message and send it to the support team.
* Capture a logo from your screen to enhance presentations and reports.
* Capture scrolling Web pages to save copies of site designs, articles or online receipts."
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I tried it out, it's available in my pc that i'm using currently. It offers few features that i think it worth mentioning. I once searched for a program that can allow user to do video capturing/recording to record down the steps taken in using an application, but was somehow fail to find one. SnagIT offers this feature.
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A click on the button, every move of your mouse is recorded. It's simple to use. However, the price is rather too expensive. USD$39.95 for a personal license. There are other features that are included, Screen capture and editing of the image captured, and Text capture(which i find this pretty useful for those PDF password protected, but not encouraging plagarism tho).
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*The SnagIT copy that is available in my pc was an outdated version. Feel free to download the latest version here.

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