Sunday, August 21, 2005

Website Rank in Google Search Result affects the number of visitors...

I'm not sure how to name or call this post, but I think the title of this post suits very well on what I'm trying to explain further. This is only tested on Internet Explorer(IE) and Firefox. It only works in Firefox, but not IE.

If you try to type a word or maybe any name in the URL Address, without "www." in front and ".*" at the back, you'll be brought to a website destination where the website has first rank in Google search result. I think, the string that you've entered in the field, will be used by the program(firefox) to search for the string in Google, and derive the address of the website that ranked first, which will be displayed on your browser.

So, in conclusion, pagerank is important. No matter what domain you have, no matter what website address you have, the browser will pick the website that ranked first in the google search engine(applies only to firefox browser).

Feel free to try it. In my case, i tested it using infoCT string. There is one domain name registered under, owned by InfoCentric Technologies, L.L.C. I was brought to my own blog, located here, which i guess my blog has higher pagerank than the real So, if your page has higher rank than another domain name which is quite popular, and you're lucky, the browser may bring the visitor to your website.

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