Thursday, July 28, 2005

Presentation is over, now comes the final

My presentation is done. Now waiting for the final. Nothing much to update. Was surfing just now, happened to stumbled on TopCoder, Google held a competition for coders in the world, to have the chance to compete for $155,000. Out of curiousity, i went to register. You are able to test yourself with some of the problems. You are given the question to solve, and a compiler to compile your code. If output produced met the requirement, you can submit the code. The code will be analysed, and if result is correct, you deemed the point. There are three level, 250, 500 and 1000 point. Read thru the 250 point, well, still can solve. Tried the 1000, kinda tough to me. I guess, need to brush up the skill and learn up more before joining the competition.

You're given three programming language choice, vb, c++, C#, and java. Tho, no chance for me to participate, but it's cool to practice in solving the problems. For those that is interested, Registration data starts on Monday, July 25(started quite sometime), and closing date Monday, August 22nd(As it's the date stated for qualification round starts). Prize for 1st place is $10,000.

Hurry, before you miss the chance :)

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