Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Short and simple update...

Just a short update, downloading Linux Fedora version Fedora Core 3 (Heidelburg). Some description of Fedora:

The Fedora Project is the free descendant of Red Hat Linux. Comprised entirely of open source software, Fedora Core is a Linux-based operating system developed as a collaboration of Red Hat engineers and the Linux community.
It's linux based collaboration of Red Hat. Reason for choosing it? I'm not really good in Linux, and i felt Fedora is much more user friendly. I never try it before, hope to take a feel of it. I installed mandrake, bizdesk, and winlinux before. My choice goes to mandrake. Hope Fedora impress me. Feel free to download the *.iso file here. There are other source available as well, LinuxISO, or you can download it directly from However, the official source seems to be down most of the time.

Anyway, will update the new look of my desktop here after everything done.

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