Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Crazy Frog Axel F at the number one spot

Crazy Frog Ring tones have become quite popular in Europe and according to this latest news, I guess that the funny-looking, but annoying frog is going to ring around for a while longer.

A song based on an annoying mobile phone ring tone has hopped to the number
one spot on Britain's single charts.

The "Crazy Frog Axel F" ring tone, inspired by the 1980's movie theme from
'Beverly Hills Cop', is the first song that was created specifically for mobile
phones to crossover onto the mainstream pop music charts.

Saying that the ring tone has just been inspired by the 80's Axel F song is an understatement. But what is actually really interesting is that the super-annoying Crazy Frog song has replaced Oasis as new number one and has beaten the new single of Coldplay.In any case, I guess this is going to become a summer hit in Europe and I am expecting to see a crazy frog dance choreographed to go along with it.

Curious to see what this is all about?

Via Allheadlinenews and CNN

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