Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Build some muscles with your mouse!

Since you're glued to your PC screen 24/7 and are too lazy to go to the gym, you have to resort to other solutions to show off your temple of flesh on the sandy white beaches during the next months... well, fear no laughs and giggles, this is the USB Fitnerss Center, controlled bu your USB mouse!
How does it work? Well, you stick the electodes onto your thin body, connect the cable to your mouse and then the mouse onto your PC.
On the mouse, you have buttons to control the intensity of the electro-stimulation of the pads.
And there you go, ready to hit the beaches!One thing remains to be checked: what happens if there is an excessive electical charge/tension...And I know you're asking yourself this question... the answer is yes, you can also use it as a regular optical mouse.60 EUR to get fried... errmmm, muscles... sorry... :D
Reference: akihabaranews

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