Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hidden Game in Microsoft Excel?

Another weird stuff...

1. Open a new file in Excel 2000.

2. Select File and Save As, and in the Save As Type menu, select Web Page.

3. Click the Selection:Sheet radio button, and checkmark Add Interactivity.

4. Click Publish. In the Publish As dialog box, click Publish again.

5. Switch over to Internet Explorer (IE). Open the HTML page you've just saved in Excel. You'll see an Excel worksheet in the middle of the IE page.

6. Press the Page Down key until you get to row 2000, then tab over to column WC.

7. Hold down Shift-Ctrl-Alt while you click the Office logo at the upper left.

8. Now, you're dropped into a full-screen game similar to Spy Hunter, called Dev Hunter. Use the arrow keys to drive. You'll see developers' names painted on the road as you go.

9. If you're an aggressive driver, hit the spacebar to fire and the letter O to drop oil slicks. When it gets dark, use H to turn on your headlights.

*Haven't test it... anyone tested it, let me know. Thanks :)

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