Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hidamari no Tami (solar-powered head-bobbers) Gadget

Hidamari No Tami (meaning "sunny people") & Hanauta No Tami (meaning "humming people") are members of the "Nohohon Zoku" (meaning "Nonchalant Family").

Character: Just bob their heads either back and forth or from side to side giving you encouragement

Hidamari no Tami are little easy-going creatures that live in a wonderful world that is filled with nature and are said to appear when someone feel stressed, worried, tired, or depressed. Illuminated by sunlight, Hidamari no Tami will cheer you up by giving you gestures of encouragement or sharing the relaxing sounds of nature or music with you. Their presence will help you feel more relaxed and give you a few happy moments out of your busy day. Some Hidamari no Tami also have the ability to share a variety of songs with you as well.

Character: With additional ability to bring relaxation by playing sounds of nature

They don't need batteries and are completely powered by the sun or light. They also feature an on-and-off switch so you can use them at your own discretion. They come in a variety of colors ranging from sakuranbo cherry pink to yamabuki deep chrome yellow. Just put one of these on your desk and switch them on when you need a little time to just get away.

Character: Not only it brings you classical music and encouragement, but it is also a clock that features an alarm that awakes you with its happy music and swaying head

Product info: Tomy's Official Website

*Anyone bought it? If you do and don't mind, please let me know where you get it. I hope to get one :p (Only if you purchased it in Selangor,Malaysia)

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